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Duffy & Staab Takes on Challenging Personal Injury, Real Estate, Landlord-Tenant, and Many Other Types of Cases

We fight hard to win your case

Duffy & Staab LLC is committed to our clients’ success in every case we handle. With offices in White Plains, Greenwich and Manhattan, we have developed a reputation as tenacious litigators in the courts of New York City, and Westchester (NY), Fairfield (CT) and Bergen (NJ) counties. Our attorneys have the necessary expertise, persistence and creativity to help you prevail in your legal conflict, and do so in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We are experienced and determined to win. Read our profiles to learn more about our qualifications.

Our attorneys take an aggressive approach in many areas of the law

Duffy & Staab LLC knows how to interpret New York, Connecticut and New Jersey law to your best advantage. Our lawyers are passionate about their work and strive for optimal results in a variety of practice areas.  Here are just a few samples:

  • Personal Injury: Personal injury is a serious matter that can drastically affect your health, your job, your family and your future. If you have suffered an injury because of someone’s negligence, you have the right to just compensation, often far more than an insurance company may offer an unrepresented person.  Our assertive personal injury attorneys know how much your case is worth and are dedicated to fighting for you.
  • Real Estate: Our attorneys handle negotiating, drafting and revising real estate documents, including contracts of sale, mortgages, deeds and title documents.  If court intervention is required, we know how to handle the case.  We also handle commercial real estate transactions and tax assessment appeals. Let us use our knowledge and skill to help you.
  • Landlord-Tenant Law: Our attorneys are dedicated to helping both landlords and their tenants resolve their conflicts. Our goal is to ensure that tenants feel safe and comfortable in their homes, while landlords can continue to run a successful business. Contact us today to speak to an experienced landlord-tenant law attorney.
  • Auto Accidents: Every day individuals suffer serious personal injuries in auto accidents caused by careless or reckless drivers. If you have been involved in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence, our attorneys will aggressively fight on your behalf. We make sure you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Premises Liability: Owners and managers of commercial and residential properties have a responsibility to ensure that their buildings and grounds are safe for tenants and visitors. If you have been injured on someone else’s property, do not hesitate to contact our assertive premises liability attorneys to obtain a fair settlement or to file a lawsuit against the negligent parties.
  • Wrongful Death: Nothing is more devastating than a loved one dying due to another’s reckless behavior. We believe that the negligent parties need to be held responsible for their careless actions. Our wrongful death attorneys are fiercely dedicated to ensuring that you receive the maximum compensation for your loss.
  • Divorce: Choosing to dissolve your marriage can be stressful and overwhelming. During your divorce, you need an aggressive attorney to fight for your best interests and to look out for the well-being of your family. Our attorneys tenaciously advocate on your behalf.
  • Family Law: Whether you are pursuing adoption, experiencing marital conflict or facing another family law issue, you need an assertive and dedicated attorney who can help you find solutions to your legal problems. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to fight for your rights as we guide you through your family law matter.
  • Labor & Employment Law: If you have been treated unfairly or illegally or are the victim of workplace harassment, you need to stand up for your rights. Our experienced attorneys understand the stress of an uncomfortable work environment. We can assist you in labor and employment law cases involving defamation, unpaid overtime, unpaid wages, whistleblower retaliation, discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and more.
  • Wrongful Termination: Unless you have an employment contract (including a collective bargaining agreement) that provides otherwise, you are considered to be employed “at-will” if you work in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, or most of the surrounding states, which means that in most cases either you or your employer can terminate your employment relationship for no reason or any reason. However, the employer cannot terminate you if to do so would violate a contract (including a collective bargaining agreement), statute, or public policy. Grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit can include termination due to an employee filing a complaint about being sexually harassed, termination because of the employee’s membership in a protected group, or in violation of a maternity leave statute.

When you retain the services of Duffy & Staab LLC, you can be assured that we will pursue your case with the zeal you deserve.

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